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Introduce Yourself!
Feel free to introduce yourself to the community!

I'll get the ball rolling.

I'm HidYn my real name is Chris and I'm Welsh. I've been around since the beginning and I'm super hyped for the future of
I'm known to have a habit of purchasing a game or two now and then and have an awful habit of hardly playing any of them. I currently enjoy competitive games and Rocket League is my current addiction. I have an ambition of playing and streaming more single-player games in the future! Fingers crossed!

I'm what some people call and Audiophile and love my technology. Happy to elaborate if anyone wants me too.

I love Liverpool FC and wanted to be a professional footballer but being 32 now I may have missed the boat.

I'm a Server/Network/Systems Engineer and I work in a hospital. My job is nothing compared to a Nurse or Doctor but as with any cog in the machine they would struggle to do their job without me doing mine. It's a great place to work.

I love streaming it's one of my main hobbies and like anyone who streams will know it would be very nice to take it to the next level!

Hope to see you all in a game soon!

"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
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Greetings and Salutations! I am Jaarka, real name Joshua, resident sea-dog and longtime member of this crew o' folk! I discovered the origins of this fine community over 4 years ago, before I got married. Has it really been that long? Wowsa! I'm the American arm of the Admin group responsible for trying to herd the cats of this community, and as such I tend to be online well after the Eurofolk have called it a night.

My gaming habits bounce around, but mostly center on social gaming with whoever wants to play. I enjoy competitive gaming in short bursts (looking at you, Rocket League!), and have even been part of a money-winning Nosgoth team that represented this community. I also enjoy casual shenanigans with nights of Magic the Gathering or The Jack Box. I encourage everyone to find me on Steam and join in whatever gaming is happening at the time.

For a day job I currently rock out with my hands out as an American Sign Language Interpreter. In the future I'd like to follow that dream that so many of us have: full-time streaming personality. I've always had a love for theater as well as the gaming industry, so I strive to bring the two together professional either as a game streamer, a pod caster, or even a voice-over specialist!

I'm excited for this group to expand and meeting new people!
Heyo Everyone! The name is Neonbuster. My actual name Eric and I discovered this wonderful group way back when Hidyn was streaming many a different games. I enjoyed the community and the atmosphere that the group gave off and have stayed with ever since. I have been away for awhile as life has happened and had to do some searching as to what field of work i wanted to do but never gave up my hobby of gaming ^_^. As for games i play I play many different types of games. From competitve fighters, casual shooters, and to single player epics (Dark Souls 2 has current reign on my soul) I enjoy to play games. I also play many different types of tabletop games with friends. My Username for most all accounts is Neonbuster so feel free to send me a message if you want someone to share a game or 2 with.
Hey hey, I'm CSaur, real name Courtney. I have no idea how long ago it was I discovered this community, 2-3 years ago perhaps? I dropped off the radar a little after starting university which turned out to be way more stress than it is worth (University is fine, degree choice was fine, course itself is structured so badly it isn't worth doing), so I figured the big relaunch would be a great time to come back to life!

I play a pretty decent range of games, primarily DOTA2 and Path of Exile at the minute, but I also occasionally get hooked on Civ V, as well as dabble in a few story based games, older games, etc etc.

I'm not particularly into streaming at the moment, but you can usually catch me at the summer Insomnia Gaming Festival, so if you're gonna be there, hit me up!

Looking forward to what the relaunch is gonna bring!
Hello, everyone. I feel weird posting my username because it's like, right up there. Just go on, take a look quick. Are you back? Cool. My real name is Eric, so sorry other Eric that'll get confusing probably. I joined, I dunno, years ago?

I work in a warehouse and it's really boring so let's not talk about that.

I play most any genre of game but I probably gravitate towards Fighting, RPGs, Strategy, and Simulation games the most. I've just gotten a WiiU and a 3DS so right now I'm going through the Nintendo back catalogue but I'm also in the middle of playing Dragon's Dogma and GTA Online so I'll probably go back to those soon.
You think you have problems Melty? I am one of the 4-5 Joshuas we have here. I'm Akamaz: the Naked Gamer (a name appelation given to me by our grand gaming community. Mostly I've been enjoying MMO's and Sandbox stuff (I'm looking at you Ark!) but I have been known to join Jaarka on Rocket League and Smite. One of the first things i look for when buying a game is "Coop or team multiplayer?" since I get bored with single player games way too oten,

I've been playing PnP Rpgs for about 30 years (DnD Red Box!) off and on with most of my GM experience in the Palladium system (Fantasy, Rifts, and TMNT and other Strangeness) and can't wait fo Jaarka to start his Edge of the Empire Game back up again!
*smacks hand* Please accept my apologies, HidYn has just brought to my attention that I haven't introduced myself and yet I'm raising hell on the forums!! (eep)

I am HidYn's (better other half). I'll be posting on the blog my introduction to gaming and its importance in my life as soon as it's up and running so for now I'll keep it short. Ren, three decades old, Beautician and Nail Tech. I write erotica under the same Tag and have written Fan Fiction for the last 6+ years.  I have four children, Ali, Andi, Ana and Alex and two house rabbits Astrix (curtsey of HidYn) and Cotton. My great love is The Sim's, I had it on pre-order and my first tattoo was of course a green diamond. I love sandbox games, am an achievement hunter, and HATE horrors, UFO's but am an obsessive gamer, if a game some how manages to get itself under my skin that's it I'm obsessed and I will end up racking up the hours quickly. 

You can find me on twitter, instagram and... well pretty much everywhere under TheMightyRen.

Username is up there.  Real name is Brady.  I'm in Washington state, the most northwest state in the USA.  Happened on to Hidyn's stream because of Rocket League.  That's my main game at the moment.  Steam name is currently [FXYZ] thebriz, so feel free to add me.  I used to be an avid LoL player, but that has been lessened due to Rocket League being a lot easier to handle player interaction wise.  For work, I am a vendor Front End Web Developer at Microsoft.
Hey I'm Sam. I got here through Jaarka. I see some familiar names I've played Minecraft with through the years; Maz, Icy, Melty.

Anyway, I work at a community college where I help students who are first generation, low income or living with disabilities get through college. I advise, tutor, counsel and fight the system for students who are most likely to drop out of college. I also teach Math on the side.

I'm currently into WoW, Minecraft, Hearthstone and anything with Mechs. I also Dungeon Master tabletop RPG's.

Happy to be here. I love to BS about games and stuff!
Hello! I'm Rose, aka Mama Rose, aka Katy Rose, and AphroditeRose - I guess.... "A rose by any other name..." and all that jazz???

I'm the wife of Jaarka and mom of 2 (Joseph and Connor), a Sign Language Interpreter, and gamer (more casual as of the recent couple years.)

I started on the OG home PCs before the internet was even being widely used. My favorite has always been life simulators/sandboxes (starting with Barbie, evolving to The Sims, and currently grinding away in Ark.) For a while I moved to console, whetting my appetite for friendly competition with MK, Tekken, and the like (I claim to be a button masher, but there may be a bit more to it....) Once the 'net became more readily available, and my military family moved back to the States, I became a huge fan of MMORPGs (Ultima Online, The Sims Online, WoW, Guild Wars, Minecraft, Ark, etc.) Adding the social aspect to some heart-pumping fun, I've learned to love Left for Dead and Borderlands with my fellow community members.

I'm still active on several of my all time favorite games and look forward to more time playing them as my little ones grow up! Hit me up anytime you see me on Steam. I'm also available on Hangouts pretty much anytime: MamaKRose

My other hobbies include tabletop gaming, reading and watching Sci Fi (starting Buffy for the first time!), writing prose and composing poetry, singing, EATING, cooking, makeup, eating... did I say that already? LOL

<3 you all!!!! ;-)

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