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Group Gaming
Hey everyone!  Wanted to ask around and see what people thought of maybe doing a group game.  What i mean by that is not so much a multiplayer game where we all play but maybe doing something of the likes of playing a single player game and everyone kinda posting their own play through.  My idea is to start with something like Dark Souls where everyone can kinda pick their own build and play through their way but maybe set goals for everyone to get to in play throughs or even if possible for those wanting to participate record their session and post it here on the forums.  I think this would be a fun idea since everyone would get to play a game Let's Play style and even do their own builds and be a big group event.  Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions for games to post them here.  We can vote on the games if we get alot of suggestions.
That's a pretty cool idea like a book club for games. I think shorter games would be a better format then gaming epics like dark souls. So everyone could complete it in a week or less, then talk about what they got from the game etc.
Love this idea Neon! Jaarka had something like this going for Dragon Age.

Perhaps we should have a poll for which game to start first.
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
Its a great idea Neon, I agree with SilentChain we should do smaller games so it does not take much time.
one suggestion i had was that, everyone can suggest a game and lets pick one at random each month/week for the game club.

If we make a poll then only good games will be picked, by adding a degree of randomness to it, everyone will get a chance to experience new things.
(19-04-2016, 11:09)FTWRahul Wrote: one suggestion i had was that, everyone can suggest a game and lets pick one at random each month/week for the game club.

I like the idea of picking a game at random out of a pool. We'd need to find games a majority of us own or games which are free.
"If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway!"
Or games that are low cost say setting a budgets of a dollar or two etc.
I completely forgot about budgets! Alright, make a new thread for everyone to submit their pick for a free game.
If it goes well we can do a 1-2$ game next.
I've been planning this for months, actually. Going to do the entire Dragon Age Trilogy this summer on my stream, and encourage others to join. I even have a subreddit that I made for this entire "Theme" of group gaming. There isn't anything there yet, but I was basically just saving the name for when I kick off the Dragon Age stuff in June.

I'm open to doing multiple of these games at once, though. With Dragon Age I plan to set a "Roadmap" with weekly goals, to help keep everyone together. Realistically, this will probably limit me to one day of streaming it a week in order to give others a chance to play to the spot that I get to. So... why not another game or two to play with y'all when I'm done with DA weekly?! Sounds good to me.
Glad to see the idea getting some traction as i loved when Jaarka did the Pokemon Playthrough like that and would like to see it continue. I'm wondering though if we want to do random game do we want a game that most everyone hasn't played or do we just want to throw games in a random hat and pull out and go with it. Something we could do to make sure everyone has the game or it is cheap is to get a Google Document going and have a list of everyone games (i know that we can already do this with steam but i think a Doc with everyones games right together will be easier to look through then just going individually through everyone friend list and looking at games owned). I'm all for the randomness as it gives all of us a chance to play games that we might not of looked into in the first place.
I had my first ever experience with a community playthrough a few summers ago (jeeze... like 5 years ago? I'm old) when FanGamer did a Chrono Trigger month. They do annual playthroughs of Earthbound, but CT really caught my attention. Every couple nights they had a new "checkpoint" goal, and they had a streamer play it out with the community. It was really fun, and I could totally see our group doing something similar. Have a different streamer take over every few days, it would cycle the personalities and help introduce more people to our team and our community.

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