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A long time ago, In a galaxy far, far, away
So Jaarka and I are starting on a plan for running a Fantasy Flight Star Wars game.  Right now we are accepting applications to join the party which will be played over Google Hangouts and Streamed via Beam!  We are talking about shared GM duties, with the GM alternating between stories. for example, I would start the story, run the mission work through the aftermath, and then the next session Jaarka would take over.  

There is a free character creator online that both Jaarka and I use that is really nice, and can create .pdf character sheets, and an example of character creation on this very forum!

At this time we have not decided about which part of the saga we would be playing in, but my vote is for a few years before the battle of Yavin.  We are allowing characters from all 3 books, including: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny.  Our first stream will be to discuss character creation and will be next week so keep your eyes peeled!

If you're interested feel free to PM Me with your character ideas!

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