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Fallout 4- Test Stream for Fun Tonight
Team ~

I'll be streaming just a goofy/fun first-time "show" stream tonight from my PS4 playing Fallout 4. It'll begin near 10pm Eastern time if you're still up!

Follow me on Twitch, user Synner777[url=][/url]. I hope to see some of you there! Big Grin

My girlfriend will be cohosting with me but not playing -- just watching and interacting/helping me watch chat. Smile

Have a fun weekend and thanks for considering!
My first stream started about 10mins passed the scheduled time due to some unexpected things going down tonight. However, once I got acclimated, things went rather smooth! My girlfriend helped out with chat. Only had 1 viewer and having him along for the ride was awesome! I'm eager to stream more and hope that over time I earn more viewers!
We all started small, buddy! Glad you enjoyed yourself, and I'm looking forward to catch in your next stream!

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